Marketing Tactics

I have a good knack for marketing, so I notice trends. There are two main types of marketing and advertising that really annoy me.

The first is to say… “Try this for Free, just pay shipping and handling.” And then you find out that the S&H cost more than the entire value of the damn thing. How many people really fall for this? I guess if it is something you really want, maybe some people go ahead and do it. But I think I’m just too stubborn. I don’t like it when people try to pull the wool over my eyes, or more plainly put – Try to treat me like a moron.

The second is Fear Marketing. (I think they got the idea from the Government) But you know what I mean. It’s things like, If you don’t take this pill, or drink this drink – or whatever it is they’re trying to push, You could develop… and then they list all kinds of things that could scare you. Cancer, blood clots, a build up of gunk in your intestines. OMG! Really?

At first I just noticed a few companies using these tactics, but now more and more of them are doing it, and they’re doing it blatantly. I’m fed up with it. Are you? Start paying attention every time you notice it, and I have no doubt that you’ll begin to resent it too. Don’t buy into it. Surely they can be more creative than that. I would rather be enticed to buy something, not tricked, or brow beaten into it.

It would be like me saying, “Buy these books and you entire life will get better!”

OR – “If you don’t buy these books, you might be dead in a year.”

See how ridiculous it is? They do try to cloak it a bit more subtly than that, but it’s the same thing.

Oh, there is one more type of marketing I abhor. I used to teach sales and marketing. I always taught people to never come right out and slam their competition. It is crude and brash. But lately I’m seeing big companies sinking to that level.  What ever happened to the Art and Mastery of Marketing? Come to think of it, there are some brilliant ones out there now days. My next Blog will be on those. You can compare them to what I am talking about today, and see the difference. It’s like comparing HDTV to antenna.

So, that is what’s on my mind. What do you think about it?

All the Best,

KT Banks

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KT’s (4) Book Trailer Video’s

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